So my email is working again! Hallelujah! It wasn’t working for, what, 6 days! SIX DAYS! I can’t believe the webhosting company. Totally unacceptable. I’ve already set things in motion to switch to a different company (who supports Moveable Type pre-installed so I can make my blog all pretty-like). Take that!

Okay, so the Card Fest was phenomenally successful! I just got requests for seven cards! Wahoo! I had to take the photos of a couple down, but they’ll be back after the magazine’s out. :)

Let me tell ya, having to write instructions for seven cards takes a long time. I don’t know how all the writers at Stampin’ Up! do it! Day in and day out, writing all those instructions for publications. Wow. Stamp this. Stamp that. Fold this. Tie that. Crazy!


I have my first Sell-A-Bration workshop next week. One of my friends from work Lisa is hosting it so it should be so much fun. However, I have yet to plan the projects! Ah! Good thing I don’t have huge plans this weekend–otherwise, I’d be hurtin’.

I just have to remember to plan ahead for Lisa’s workshop and my step-sister’s (the next week) at the same time. Save some work. Cut things for both at the same time.


So, who loves Simon and Garfunkel? I recently “rediscovered” them over the holidays. I just love them! The last time I’d really listened to them was clear back in ninth grade. My history teacher would play their music in the background while we worked. She absolutely loved Simon and Garfunkel.

Ironically, her name was Mrs. Robinson. ;)