Man, I have a lot of catching up to do!

As I mentioned in my Color Inspiration Challenge post this week, I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather, but with some extra sleep, I think I’m shaking whatever it was off. Of course, here I am staying up late to post this, but… whatever. ;)

Anyway, Monday was the 15th so that means there was a new Garden up at TwoPeas. The seasonal theme for this month was Christmas and this is the 8×8 digital page I created for it. More Christmas photos. Love! :)

Click here to see the page over at TwoPeas with all the supplies used.

I’ve recently sort of switched to all digital scrapbooking. Strange for me because I was so against it even just 6 months ago. I think all I needed to see was some really cool examples of digital scrapbooking. Speaking of, I absolutely love this month’s Guest Garden Girl elizzylee. She has a very calm style that I really respond to. Great use of negative space. Ahhh….




In other random things I’ve forgotten to share, here are some calendars that my awesome roommate Jen made. She made them a while ago, but I’m a bum and forgot to show you all their awesome-ness. :)

Yes, I share a craft room/office with her. And yes, it is amazing. :)

I know that a bunch of you were wondering if I was going to post calendars like I did last year, but I’ve just been too busy. But Jen made these last year for our co-workers and worked them up again for 2009, so I figured I’d point ya’ll in the direction of her blog. Perfect idea for last minute gifts since you can print them out at home.

EDITED TO ADD: Just noticed that she’ll be posting blank ones (great for customizing with stamping or whatnot) tomorrow, so watch for those! :)



And yet another truly random thing… I’m currently obsessed with my new digital cutter, the Quickutz Silhouette. Oh. My. Word. I love this little thing.

The Merry Christmas block in the photo above was one of the first things I created in Illustrator and had it cut. (Their software doesn’t work on Macs, but there’s a plug-in to use with Adobe Illustrator–my favorite program ever so it was right up my alley.) Sweet, huh?! I was so excited!

Will this replace my Making Memories Slice? Probably. It just cuts so much better. Gets sharper corners and it’s just overall amazing. I just might sell my Slice sometime soon. I’ll let ya’ll know if I do. It’s still a good little cutter, but I just love being able to create things in Illustrator and cut it out on my Silhouette.

For those with Macs, and who also have Silhouettes, here’s a little video I made showing how to merge letters and send it to the Silhouette. I was chatting with the TwoPeas Garden Girls and some of them were wondering how I made the Merry Christmas block. So here ya go…