First off, I have to commend all of of you who guessed the musical artist of the song in my last video! You’re all super smart. The song “To Love You More” gained popularity when C√©line Dion included it on her 1997 album, Let’s Talk About Love. However, I used the Lucia Micarelli version in my video. :) Thanks for all your guesses!

This week’s color inspiration is actually sort of a stretch. ;) After the brown and white monochromatic card in yesterday’s video, I found myself still in a monochromatic mood. AND when I saw these t-shirts over at johnnycupcakes.com, I just knew I had to borrow them for the challenge this week.

Aren’t those the best shirts? I have one in brown that I wore at last year’s Stampin’ Up! convention in Denver and I love it! (BTW, I hate that photo of me… I was all tired and sweaty and not lookin’ so hot… BUT I was having a ton of fun!)

Anyway, I couldn’t leave ya’ll hangin’ with just a couple colors, so I threw in some Ruby Red and River Rock. But feel free to eliminate them if you want. Just a couple options for you. I guess the main challenge this week is to create a high-contrast, bold creation. Just like the t-shirt, find a bold/sassy phrase and let it “scream” at us!

Just have fun! I can’t wait to see what you all create! :)

Oh, and sorry for the quick deadline. I wanted to get it in before the holiday weekend.

NOTE: I corrected the graphic above just a few minutes ago. I forgot to change the text to read “Whisper White” instead of “Going Gray,” but it’s correct now. If you used Going Gray before I corrected it, don’t worry about it. For everyone else, Whisper White it is! Thanks, Savitri, for letting me know! :)


Make a creation (card, scrapbook, etc.) of your own using the above colors. Then take a picture or scan your creation. Upload your digital image to your blog or in an online gallery, and then come back to kwernerdesign blog to share! Leave a comment on this entry with a link to your creation. Please link to webpages, not directly to image files.

Who’s in the Round-up?
After the deadline, I’ll share my creation with you as well as 20 submitted creations, consisting of ten randomly selected entries and ten of my favorites. Pictures emailed to me will not be considered for the Round-up.

When does your creation have to be submitted?
Thursday, July 3 at 7:00 pm MDT.

NOTE: Those who have websites and blogs, you are welcome to use the above graphic on your blog. For swatches only, you can download the image file by right clicking here (or control+click for my fellow Mac users) and saving the file to your computer. Then upload the swatch image to your blog.