Hi all! It’s been a whirlwind couple of days around here, to say the least. :)

As I mentioned before, my mom is moving to Arizona so we were packing up the house and getting her all ready to leave. Currently as I type this, the moving caravan should be pulling into my aunt’s house in Phoenix where she’ll be staying for a bit until she finds a permanent home. It was a sad morning saying our goodbyes before they left to drive to Arizona, but this will be such a good move for her. And I know she’ll love living near her two sisters. :)

I’ve lived with her for nearly a year and a half and she’s the best “roommate” I’ve ever had. Even if I had to put up with needles sticking me in the foot (quilting on the couch in the front room) and threads traveling about the house attached to my pant legs.

I’ll definitely miss her. In fact, I just might miss those needles and threads. :)

My friend Jen will be my new roommate, though. She’s mad talented and also works at Stampin’ Up! Talk about a fun time! She’s a riot! Party at Jen and Kristina’s! You’re all invited!

Anyhow, my craft area is still a disaster. But I managed to create this little card using this week’s colors. Hopefully ya’ll will like it. :)

And here’s this week’s Round-Up. I had SO many entries this week and they were all excellent. You guys are making it REALLY hard to pick my top ten, let me tell ya! And I wish I had the time to respond to each and every comment/entry.

So, on to the round-up: