Hi all!

After the awesome One Layer Card challenge from a bit ago, I’ve been wanting to have another challenge. But this one is a two part challenge. :)

You may have noticed that I’ve been using Inlinkz for my challenge submissions recently. It’s an awesome link submission website that was suggested by a reader and it’s proven to be pretty sweet!

Anyway, a few days ago the creator if Inlinkz contacted me and wanted to know if I would be interested in beta testing a new feature: Inlinkz Voting. Inlinkz Voting allow readers to vote on submissions. So after the submissions are closed, readers get to vote. Pretty sweet eh?

So where do you all come in?

You know that photo that’s been hanging around that makes you think, “That is an awesome color combo!” Well, we want to see it! Post it on your blog or in a photo gallery and then come back here and submit a link to it. You’ll select a thumbnail when you submit the link and your photo will appear below.

NOTE: Please only submit photos you have taken yourself or that you have permission from the original photographer to use. Thanks!

After the submissions close (Tuesday, May 11 at 7:00 pm MDT), we all get to vote. So, vote for your favorite color inspiration photo! The highest vote count wins! I’ll remind everyone to start voting then, too.

I’ll issue the color challenge using the winner’s photo. Then you all create something with those colors, similar to challenges in the past. I’ll do a round-up of my favorites as well. :)

Sound good? Awesome! So please leave your photo submissions below. I’ll start with one, but please don’t vote for it when the voting opens…


VOTING IS NOW OPEN! Click on your favorite color inspiration pic below.