Don’t ya’ll just love computer issues?! The one I’m experiencing currently was of my own making. :)

Just today, I downloaded the new Adobe Creative Suite 3 and tried to install it. Well, I already had Photoshop CS3 Beta installed, so I tried to uninstall it. Well, long story short, the uninstall didn’t work and I was caught in an endless loop of the computer thinking I still had the program but when I went to uninstall it, it couldn’t find where it was. ARGH!

So when I went to install CS3 it would install everything BUT Photoshop. HELLO! That’s the program I use the most!

So, I’m reformatting my computer and reinstalling the operating system right now (I’m on my laptop–sitting in front of the desktop computer watching it install). Of course I backed up all my files first but I know there will be something that I forgot about. There always is. Once I forgot to back up my emails. YEARS of emails just gone. Gone! Oh, well. I suppose the world kept turning. :)

I hope CS3 is worth all this hassle. I imagine it will since the Photoshop CS3 beta was so much faster. I want to see how fast this Intel Mac can go!