There must be something in the air because I’ve received the same question 6 times in the last two days via the contact form. LOL! I decided it called for an addition to the FAQ:

I’m thinking about buying a digital cutting machine. Which is better, the Cricut or the Silhouette? What advice can you give me?
I have both an original Silhouette and a Cricut Expression. I only use the Cricut Expression now for only one reason: it will cut 12″ wide. That truly is the only reason I use the Cricut instead of the Silhouette. Truth be told, if the Silhouette cut 12″ wide, I’d probably prefer it over the Cricut because you can cut with the Silhouette straight from Adobe Illustrator on a Mac. It’s more convenient for my work flow. Currently, I design in Illustrator, save the file as an SVG, and then open it in Sure Cut a Lot to cut it on the Cricut. It’s an additional step.

I don’t use the Cricut cartridges much (mostly because I just don’t think about it, and also because my sister borrowed them). But at least I have the option to use them later.

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UPDATE January 30, 2010 – I have gone back to the Silhouette purely for quality issues when cutting from my computer. See this entry. As a “you don’t have to have a computer to use it” machine, the Cricut is fine and dandy. But if you’re cutting from a computer, the Silhouette is the clear winner–even if it can’t accomodate 12″ wide paper.

I have questions about the Cricut / Sure Cuts a Lot / Silhouette. Can you answer them?
Your best bet is to post to one of the message boards. There a people a lot more knowledgeable than me who will help you there. I’m somewhat new at this, too! :)

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