This week’s Wilton Course 1 class was learning how to create shells and drop flowers. Of course, when Kristen said last week that we could bring cupcakes instead of a cake, I jumped right on that. :)

Cupcakes rock!

So, these are a few shots of the cupcakes I made. We only had to bring 8, so I made a full batch of Magnolia Vanilla cupcakes and shared them with Patti, Andrea, and Kathy (my co-worker peeps that are taking the class with me).

What did I learn besides the usual class material? I learned about icing consistency. My icing had been way too thick. Once I thinned it out just a bit, it went SO much better!

Funny thing about class on Thursday night. We were all taking about radio stations and it turns out that many of the people in my class (and our instructor Kristen) all listen to 101.9 The End here in Salt Lake. And we all love Chunga and Mister in the mornings. Anyway, I told them all, “Just listen tomorrow–when they do ‘What’s Happening Hot Stuff,’ I’m going to call in and say we were talking about them at our cake decorating class.”

Guess who was on a radio yesterday morning? ;) Any of you in Utah catch my little stint on the radio? Hee hee! It totally makes me laugh because Chunga and Mister sound nothing like they do on the radio! Over the phone, they sound completely different! :)