Hello, all! Today is Day 12 of the Holiday Card Series and it’s time to break out the glitter!

Adhering Glitter with Heat & Stick Powder

Since I’ve been using Diamond Stickles for a long while now, I haven’t needed to break out my Heat & Stick Powder. I used to always use Heat & Stick Powder for adhering glitter, and until recently I had completely forgotten about it. But as I was sketching out my ideas for today’s card, I realized I wanted to cover the large Fabulous Flourish stamp in glitter. And the best way to add glitter directly to a stamped image is to use Heat & Stick Powder.

I go through the steps of Heat & Stick Powder in the video, so be sure to watch that below. :)

Preventing Glitter Fall Out

I’ve also been experimenting with how to keep glitter from going everywhere after I’ve applied it to projects. During this experimentation, I discovered that if you put a thin coating of Glossy Accents over glitter and let it dry, it completely seals in the glitter. It’s still just as sparkly and glittery, but the glitter doesn’t get all over your fingers when you’re looking at the card. That’s what I did over the top of the glitter on the Lost & Found Christmas die-cuts that I used on this card. The glitter that comes on the die-cuts wasn’t really sticking to the die-cuts, so I “sealed” it all in with Glossy Accents.

NOTE: I also tried adhering glitter to a project using Glossy Accents as the adhesive. It can be done, but it’s super messy and I think it used more glitter than other methods. What seemed to work better was to first adhere the glitter to the project with another adhesive, rub off any excess glitter, and then go over the top with Glossy Accents. It’s definitely not a quick process since you have to wait for it to dry, too.

Anyhow, enjoy today’s card! :)

Watch video below | Watch at YouTube