Morning, all! Today is Day 2 of the Holiday Card Series. :)

For today’s card, I used the cutest stamp EV-UH! This little Santa’s Helper stamp from Inkadinkado caught my eye when it first came out and I had to have it! I knew that I wanted to color the cat like Mannie. :)

I used the Essential 24 Watercolor Pencils and let me tell you, they are awesome. This is my first set of watercolor pencils, and they were super easy to use. I also used some patterned paper from American Crafts’ Hollyday collection.

Watercolor Paper

I mention in the video that I used Simon Says Stamp watercolor paper. I’ve used a lot of watercolor papers in the past (I tried out different kinds when I was in watercolor classes in college), and this paper is a really good quality. It’s not like the cheap watercolor paper pads that you can buy in craft stores. I’m not sure, but I suspect they buy the really large sheets of nice watercolor paper and then cut them down to 6×9 and sell them that way. This was my first time using it, and I’m so glad I bought a couple packs.

Tips for the Martha Stewart Circle Cutter

I have yet to find a perfect circle cutter. Sometimes I almost use my Silhouette Cutting Machine to cut circles, but in this case where I was cutting watercolor paper, I didn’t want to chance messing up my Silhouette with the thicker paper.

I keep getting messages from readers and viewers saying they’re having issues cutting circles with the Martha Stewart Crafts Circle Cutter. I think the issue 99% of the time is that the paper or the cutter is moving while you’re trying to cut the circle. Here’s what I do… I use a glass mat that I put adhesive all over so I can stick the paper to the glass mat and it won’t move. (You could also just put adhesive on your paper). Then I put Mini Glue Dots on the underside of the cutter so that it sticks to the glass mat (if my paper is small) or to the paper it will be cutting. I used about 5 or 6 Mini Glue Dots. When I go to cut a circle, the paper isn’t moving and the cutter isn’t moving either. Perfect circles. :)

Anyhow, enjoy today’s card! I think it’s one of my favorites, and yes I realize it’s only Day 2. :)

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