Do you want an Amazon Kindle?

Amazon announced the Kindle 2 this morning. I’m a bit of a tech-geek and want to get the new one even though there’s not much difference between the Kindle 1 and this new version. But it sure looks pretty. :)

And ya’ll remember how much I love my Kindle, right?

Anyway, I’m selling my old Kindle in order to fund the purchase of a new one. Contact me if you’re interested.

You get:
Adapter for charging
Cover (it’s a bit worn–I cut my asking price so that you can buy a new cover if you want)
USB cord for connecting to your computer
Original packaging. :)

Price: $225 + shipping
Payment: I’m only accepting PayPal payments.
I am only selling to someone in the US, as the Kindle doesn’t work outside the US.

SOLD to a new friend in Wisconsin! :)

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