I haven’t been in a blogging mood lately. I haven’t been in a real creative mood, either. I’m sure everyone goes through phases like this, though.

I’m sure what’s causing this creative slump is stress and lack of sleep.

I’m leaving for Virginia early Saturday morning and I’ll be gone for a week., so I’m scrambling at work to get everything done before I go. On top of that, I sort of changed jobs (I moved to a different team within the company). My job is essentially the same–I still design–but I’m working on different projects now. And this new team is definitely more busy that my last team. Just lots to do. :)

I also left my cell phone in my sister-in-law Kristi’s car on Tuesday night. And she lives an hour away… I feel so disconnected. But my brother who lives near me works near Kristi’s home and is supposed to be getting it from her today. Hopefully I’ll have it back tonight. Please, please! Pretty please!

AND I have stamp club tonight. The projects are ready to go, but I still feel extremely unprepared. I have 3 projects for them. Two are semi-complicated and time consuming, so I kept the third super simple. I don’t particularly like the really simple one, but I think it’s okay.

AND I feel the need to create something, to just sit down and get some paper under my hands… but I have no time. I think I’ll pack some scrapping stuff in my suitcase when I go to Virginia. I’m going with my mom, my aunt and my uncle, and my aunt loves to scrapbook so maybe we’ll scrapbook a bit while we’re there.

As much as preparing for this trip is causing me stress, I will really need to break once it comes.