Easy DIY Galaxy Father’s Day Card Made with Minimal Supplies

Hello all! I’m still on my watercolor galaxy kick, so I thought it would be fun to make a galaxy card for Father’s Day but use less expensive supplies and not that many supplies, either. :)

Easy DIY Galaxy Father's Day Card Made with Minimal Supplies

I created a simple heart shaped galaxy by first sketching a heart lightly with a pencil. Then I painted the galaxy using colors straight from the Crayola watercolor set.

Tip: Be sure to use only a small amount of water when mixing your paint in order to make it more saturated. The main complaint I hear about inexpensive watercolor sets like this is that the colors aren’t very strong. You can get stronger color by using less water.

Easy DIY Galaxy Father's Day Card Made with Minimal Supplies

The stars were created by splattering on a bit of white gouache. You could also use some acrylic paint or any other opaque white medium.

I hope you enjoy today’s card! You can definitely change the handwritten sentiment to whatever you’d like, too. I chose to make mine a Father’s Day card. :)

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I often get questions about where to purchase the supplies I use in videos. To make it easier for my blog friends, all supplies are listed below! :) The letters below each image are links to stores where you can buy the product. SSS = Simon Says Stamp, AZ = Amazon, etc. Compensated affiliate links used when possible.

All items were personally purchased.