“Faux” Calligraphy – Make Your Envelopes Special! + Vintage Postage Stamps

I’ve been fascinated with handwriting and calligraphy since I was a little girl, so addressing the envelopes for my handmade cards has always been fun. I’ve shared some envelopes on Instagram over the last little bit and thought I’d share a quick video on “faux” calligraphy, or basically taking your own handwriting and adding accents and embellishing it a bit.

Here’s one of the envelopes I made today… (video below)

***The address on the envelope below is a business address for Simon Says Stamp, NOT a personal home address***

Watch video below | Watch at YouTube

I found a fun blog post over on Pinterest that inspired me to address the envelopes today. Check out the fun envelopes over at Oh So Beautiful Paper! The pink envelope in the blog post directly inspired my envelopes today. :)

As for pens, I’ve been using a while Gelly Roll pen as of late and really loving it. It writes smooth and bright. It’s not quite as bright as the Uni-ball Signo Broad (my favorite white pen for crafting), but the smoothness is what I was looking for in a white pen for addressing envelopes.

The pink envelope is from paper-papers.com. They have a TON of envelopes. I like to buy the 25 or 50 packs of bright colors. It’s unusual to receive colored envelopes in the mail, so I want to use ones that stand out.

And I usually mix current postage stamps with vintage stamps. I use current postage stamps to make sure I get a high enough postage to mail the envelopes, and then vintage stamps to add something extra. I especially like to get vintage stamps that feature the states where the people I send cards to often live. For example, my mom lives in Arizona so I have some vintage Arizona stamps.

I’ve been adding to my vintage stamp collection by ordering from these online stores:

So I hope you guys try out the “faux” calligraphy. It can be super fun! :)

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