Good morning, everyone! I hope your Christmas was wonderful! I spent the day at my Dad’s house and just spent time with family. It was fun! :)

Anyway, this week’s Finally Friday came about because I really wanted to use this American Crafts Teen paper, but hadn’t quite figured out how to use it. My friend Allison LOVES bright colors and animal print (which this collection has), so I wanted to make something for her.

I eventually landed on homemade notebooks. Easy to make and everyone needs a little spot to write things down, right?

So enjoy the video, and I’ll catch up with you guys later. As usual, the video is available in HD over at YouTube. However, YT is still doing the strange video-speed-up-audio-out-of-sync thing, so my voiceover will be out of place. But it’s still worth it to watch in HD for the quality of picture. :)