Friday Focus – Unusual Uses #1

Happy Friday!

Today’s card and video are the first in another miniseries I’m calling Unusual Uses. :) I’ll be taking items around the house and using them in non-traditional ways in cardmaking. I thought it would be super fun! Plus, I hope it encourages you to step outside the box and try using more items around the house.

For this card, I created a sparkly polka dot pattern with fleck nail polishes! It sort of looks like Stickles Glue Glitter, but I think it’s even more sparkly, and it’s made to dry with a super smooth surface, so it doesn’t have that grittiness that Stickles has sometimes. Anyhow, I love me some nail polish, so it was a natural progression to figure out a way to use it in papercrafting, right? :) I let the polish dry overnight since it was rather thick, so if you try this you might want to do that same.

Anyhow, enjoy!

Oh, and leave me a comment telling me what non-crafting household things you’ve used on cards. I’m totally curious! :)

Watch video below | Watch video at YouTube