Happy Birthday 2 U – Card stock and tag (Scenic Route); rubon and flower (American Crafts); brad (SEI); Defining Alphabet set, Chocolate Chip ink, On Board Lots of Letters, and ribbon (Stampin’ Up!).

Have ya’ll heard of lifecasting? It’s the most bizarre, and yet intriguing, thing. I was curious about it and came across two really awesome blogging additions that I’ve set up here.

Heads up all you Google Reader peeps (I’m one of ya, let me tell you!)… You’ll need to make a little visit over the the main page to see these additions:

: It’s like mini-blogging. Pretty neat. Of course I want to update ya’ll with all the meaningless things I do everyday. You can even update from your mobile phone! :) Check out my twitter feed here.

Last.fm: AWESOME! Just run this little app in the background while you’re listening to music, and it will update your Last.fm profile with what you’re listening to. So great! See what I’ve been listening to here. You can check out what I listen to while I’m designing and creating.

If any of you already use these sites, let me know! I want to add you as a friend. :)

P.S. So the first night of the Fall TV shows started last night. LOVED Journeyman… It’s like Quantum Leap, but better. Heroes was wonderful as usual, How I Met Your Mother (go visit SlapCountdown.com), and Chuck was entertaining. But TV for Wednesday? Be sure to check out Bionic Woman. I caught a preview (from Amazon.com and TiVo) and it’s awesome!

Too many good shows… DANGIT! How will I ever narrow it down? Maybe I’ll have to TiVo everything and save some for the summer months. :)