Hi everyone!

Today I’m part of a little mini “blog hop” with three of my friends. Today we’re all using this Furry Christmas stamp set. :) A few weeks ago, when we were all in Ohio for the weekend, we were sitting around a table and we came up with this stamp set. I illustrated it, but it was definitely a group effort–from the greetings, to how the animals look. That’s because the animals are all our pets! I blogged about this stamp set before, too. :)

So be sure to visit Jana Millen, Jennifer McGuire, and Kathy Racoosin today to see what they’ve created with the stamp set, too!  It’s so fun to see their approaches to our little animal set. :)

As for my card, I think this took me hours to create! In fact, I did it over the course of a few days because I stamped it a few times, did a complete test coloring with Copic markers, and then attempted to color it while filming. Things didn’t turn out as I’d hoped (watch the video for the complete story), but in the end I had a cute little grouping of animals so I can’t complain.

Anyhow, I hope you all enjoy the card! I love seeing Mannie in stamp form. He’s too cute not to be, right? ;)

Watch video below | Watch at YouTube