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Holiday Card Series 2016 – Day 22 – Easy DIY with Minimal Supplies

Happy Friday, everyone! For today’s installment of the Holiday Card Series, I’m making a card using very minimal supplies. And it’s so easy! It’s really just painting triangles and circles. :)

Holiday Card Series 2016 - Day 22 - Easy DIY with Minimal Supplies

I started out by sketching circles of varying sizes stacked on top of each other. I added simple triangles to create the beaks of the birds, and a Santa hat for the bird on the top of the pyramid of birds.

I painted the beaks first, and then followed with shades of red, orange, and yellow for the bodies of the birds. I added some wings to a few of the birds as well.

To finish off the scene, I outlined the beaks with a black pen, draw dots for eyes, and added some wonky legs. I think the legs give the birds so much character!

I painted a light gray shadow under the birds, and then wrote  the greeting “Season’s Tweetings.”

I hope some of you try this card idea out! I think you could adapt it to be made using thumbprints, too! How cute would that be?

NOTE: The winner of the Simon Says Stamp gift card from Monday’s post is Migdalia Rodriguez.

Watch video below | Watch at YouTube


I often get questions about where to purchase the supplies I use in videos. To make it easier for my blog friends, all supplies are listed below! :) The letters below each image are links to stores where you can buy the product. SSS = Simon Says Stamp, AZ = Amazon, etc. Compensated affiliate links used when possible.

All  items were personally purchased. Items below are shown in the order they appear in the video.

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