Hi all! I’ve had a lot of questions about Konad nail stamping, so I thought I’d make a video sharing what I’ve learned over the last couple months.

Konad nail stamping is what allows me to get super detailed images and patterns on my fingernails. It looks a bit intimidating at first, but it’s actually super easy. Like these examples…

To get started with Konad, you really only need 3 products: the stamper (I suggest the double-ended stamper), an image plate ($4-7 online), and the Konad Special Nail Polish (or a metallic/chrome nail polish–just experiment). Everything else I mention in the video is in addition to those three things, but can be swapped out with whatever you have on hand.

You can get all three products from websites that sell Konad. I ordered from wowsocool.com and they had great customer service. They even offer a kit–which is what I ended up doing–where you get three polishes, the stamper, a scraper, 5 image plates of your choice, and the plate holder. I don’t even use the plate holder or scraper, so I don’t know that I would recommend those products, but they did come in the kit. You can order the same products from ocnailart.com, although I don’t think they have them in a kit like that.

OR, you can go to Amazon and find the same products for less. :) Here’s a link to some over at Amazon. I’ve since ordered some of the image plates from Amazon sellers and it was a great experience. Less expensive for the polish and image plates. An all around good experience. :)

Also at Amazon, you can get the knock-off brand image plates. These “fake” Konad plates are sold under a few different names, but the ones I bought are from Bundle Monster. 21 image plates for $17.95! Hello?! Such a good deal. You can get them here. I’ve used them and the results are very similar to the Konad brand plates. The full pattern images tend to be a bit smaller (won’t fit on longer nails or large nail beds), the edges are sharp (watch your fingers!), and there is no paper backing on the pates, but other than that, they are awesome!

NOTE: In the video, the blue nail polish I used as a base color is Slushied from the Sephora by OPI Glee mini kit. :)

Anyhow, enjoy!

Watch video below | Watch at YouTube