Hi all! Just popping in to share a quick holiday idea for neighbor and co-worker gifts. My sister-in-law and I made these last night and it was super fast and easy! And also really inexpensive!

Each 6-pack of root beer cost about $3.50. And the pipecleaners and pompoms were $2 to decorate all of the bottles (breaks down to $0.05 per bottle). We did five 6-packs and then 12 individual bottles. I did end up wrapping red ribbon around the 6-packs, but I already had that on hand for gift wrapping.

If you want to create your own fleet of reindeer, here are some FREE downloadable cards or tags with the “Merry Christmas and a Happy Root Beer” on them…

Root Beer Cards (PDF file)
Root Beer Tags (PDF file)

And here’s a video showing how to pull it all together!

Watch video below | Watch at YouTube