I have a new found love… ink mists. I’ve been aware of the shimmer mists, etc. for a while now, but hadn’t been intrigued enough to purchase any. When I finally did buy some ink mists, I fell in love in a big way. :)

It’s hard to tell what the color of ink mists are from the bottle. Some look exactly like the labels, while others do not. So, I created some swatches. Below are all the colors I have so far.

I’m only missing a few from Studio Calico, and only have a few from October Afternoon. Anyhow, enjoy! You can use this as a reference for buying colors or whatever. I selfishly wanted to have this online to prevent myself from buying ones I already have. LOL! I’ll update the swatches as I buy more, as I’m sure I will. :)

Where I buy my ink mists

I’ve ordered ink mists from online retailers. Here are direct links to the mists at my favorite online stores…

Ink Mist Swatches

All mists were sprayed on white cardstock, unless otherwise noted. I tried to spray were at the top so you could see the full link coverage. Some of theme were super wet after just a few sprays, which gave it a cool effect.

Studio Calico Overdue Studio Calico Schoolhouse
Studio Calico Piglet
Studio Calico Cameo
Studio Calico Hot Dog
Studio Calico Orchard
Studio Calico Custard
Studio Calico Lemonade
Studio Calico Clover
Studio Calico Applejack
Studio Calico Pickle
Studio Calico
Gable Green

Studio Calico
Estate Green
October Afternoon
All Aboard

Studio Calico Lunch Tray
Studio Calico Dewey
Studio Calico Bluegrass
Studio Calico Bonny Blue
Studio Calico
Heirloom Blue

October Afternoon
Set Sail

Studio Calico Clay
Studio Calico
Warm Calico

Studio Calico Barnwood
Studio Calico Dark Calico
Studio Calico
Classic Calico

Studio Calico Pony
Studio Calico
Pumpkin Spice
October Brown Bag
October Afternoon
Tin Type
October Paper
October Afternoon Buttermilk
Studio Calico Shine

Whew! That’s a lot of mists. Crazy town! Anyhow, what is your favorite color? I’m totally loving SC Dewey at the moment. :)