JetPens Haul – Lamy Safari Fountain Pen, Uni Jetstream Multi Pen, Pilot Iroshizuku Ink

Anyone else out there obsessed with pens and markers? Today I wanted to show some two of my favorite pens of the moment. I ordered these from JetPens using store credits that they sent me, and can’t get enough of them. Thanks, JetPens! :)

I’ve loved Uni Jetstream pens for over a decade. I remember distinctly the first time I used one…

I was freshly out of college and had just had my second interview at Stampin’ Up! (I was applying to work in the then international division of the company). I stopped by a local art supply store (hey Reuels!) on the way home to pick up some calligraphy supplies for a wedding invitation job I was doing. I noticed a cup of pens at the checkout stand and tested one out. It was THIS PEN and I knew it was an awesome pen right away. I promptly bought one. I think I paid $6 or $7 for it, a splurge for a recently graduated graphic designer without a job and student loans to pay. (The pens are much cheaper now). After making my purchase I walked out of the store and my cell phone rang. Stampin’ Up wanted to hire me.

It might seem odd to remember things about that day so dinstinctly, but I supposed important things happened that day. :)

Anyhow, long story short, I’ve always loved Uni Jetstream pens since that day back in 2005. They’re just excellent pens! I eventually found them online at JetPens and tried out the Multi Pen versions. Today in my video, I show the purple body 4&1 Multi Pen plus refills.

Another pen obsession as of late is Lamy Safari pens. I have four Lamy pens now, with the Neon Lime being the latest. I’ve been loving putting Pilot Iroshizuku ink them, too. The colors of ink that I own (and love!) are Kon-peki Deep Azure Blue (available in large bottle or small bottle), Take-sumi Bamboo Charcoal (available in large bottle or small bottle), and shown in today’s video, Tsutsuji Azalea (available in large bottle or small bottle).

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