Good morning! I hope you all have rested up a bit after Christmas and are ready to head into New Year’s. I, for one, could do with a bit more chocolate. ;)

122608-overnightsnow2.jpgHow did I spend my weekend… Well, we had some major snow hit us. I spent most of Friday outside shoveling snow (even while it was still coming down in a blizzard!). I took it pretty easy though, and did it in small increments so I wouldn’t hurt my back. So far so good! Back seems to be okay. :)

I didn’t feel like going out and driving in all the snow so I gave myself a LOT of time in front of the computer (yes, I’m a nerd) so that I could learn Final Cut Studio 2. I’ve finally made the leap from iMovie to Final Cut, but there’s a HUGE learning curve. Believe me, it’s not for pansies. This software can kick some major tail.

Anyway, after exporting and uploading this week’s MACM video to YouTube about a million times, I finally got it to work in HD with synced audio. Hallelujah! Let us all rejoice!

I also figured out how to embed HD video here at the blog. What does that mean? That means that all of you with fast internet connections no longer have to click over to YouTube to see high quality and HD versions (at least from now on you won’t). For those who prefer the normal quality, I’ll give you a link to head on over to YouTube to watch it there.

(If you’re wondering how to embed HD video, go here. Just be aware that your video has to be available in HD over at YouTube for this hack to work).

Let’s see, what else happened? On a whim, I applied for the YouTube Partner Program again and… I was accepted! Yeah! This is a direct result of my awesome YT subscribers and blog readers who watch my videos every week. You guys are awesome and I’m so thrilled to be given the opportunity to be a YT Partner.

One of the benefits of being a YT Partner is that I don’t have a time limit on my videos now (the cut off used to be 10:59). This is particularly great because I’ve been editing the Questions and Answers videos–all FOUR of them! Holy crap! You guys had a lot of questions. Nearly all four videos are over 10 minutes long… um… I guess I talk too much. :)

122908-macm.jpgSo, anyway, here’s this week’s Make a Card Monday video. Sorry for jabbering on and on this morning… Now we’ll get to why you’re actually here. :)

The buttons I use in the video can be found here: Making Memories Rouge Paperie Blossom & Button Box. The flower I used on a Finally Friday card a couple weeks ago is from the same Making Memories box, but I don’t think I showed the container in the video.

Seriously, there are a TON of buttons and flowers in these little plastic containers. I didn’t realize how many there would be and when I ordered them from TwoPeas, I ordered two other colors as well… Uh, yeah. I have buttons and flowers coming out of my ears! There are so many!

So, here’s the video. And if you prefer to watch it in normal quality, it’s available over at YouTube.

Thanks again, everyone!

Supplies – Rouge Paperie Blossom & Button Box (Making Memories); Real Red marker, Kraft card stock, and corner rounder punch (Stampin’ Up!).