MACM – Happy Birthday

Make a Card Monday - Happy Birthday

Edit: The paper used in the card can be found here: Cosmo Cricket Girl Friday Border Paper.

Good morning, everyone!

I’m back from my quick trip to Wisconsin. It was so fun to hang out with some of the TwoPeas girls! Sande, Kelly, and I drove into Madison, WI from Chicago so we had plenty of time to talk. I’d never spent more than an hour in their company before, so it was fun to just hang out. :)

Anyway, this week’s Make a Card Monday video is at the end of this post. But before we get to that, I need to congratulate Holly H. who commented at 3:42 pm yesterday. Her comment number was randomly picked and she’ll receive the Amazon gift certificate! :)

Also, there were quite a few questions from the comments you all left. Here are the answers:

  • Kristin asked, ” Can you “pass on” your books to other Kindle users?” Nope. Unfortunately, just like songs you purchase from iTunes are linked to your iTunes account, the books are linked to your Amazon account. Only a Kindle that is registered to your account can read your books.
  • Many of you asked, “Webcam chat…do you need to have a webcam?” No, you will not have to have a webcam. There’s actually a regular text chat going on at the same time. But those will webcams will be able to use them. :)
  • Kayleen asked, “I was wondering what your member name is for splitcoast stampers?” I haven’t updated my splitcoast gallery for a LONG time, but you can see older stuff here.
  • Mary asked, “I am thinking about getting a Kindle 2, but am concerned that they will come out with an even better one.. and that I should hold off. What do you think?” Well, it’s like any other tech gadget. They’ll release a new one in probably a year. It just depends on if you want to wait. Me, I’m terminally impatient. ;)
  • Jennine asked, “I’m a special ed teacher for students with learning disabilites. Most of my students have trouble reading. I was checking out the Kindle. Can you tell me more and if it is something that I could incorporate into my classroom with my students? Kids always like school more when it seems ‘cool.'” What a great idea! I think the kids would love it! There are actually a lot of books for children and young readers for Kindle. In fact, I’m about to start reading The Mysterious Benedict Society. It has great reviews, so I thought I might see if my nephews want to read it. Have any of you read it?
  • Kelly asked, “Wish I could get a Kindle but someone told me that they don’t work outside of the U.S. Is that true?” Unfortunately, that’s true. I’m sure they have plans to offer it in other countries, though. Hopefully soon. :)

And on to the video… BTW, YouTube didn’t want to process the high quality version of the video, but here’s the work around: click here for high quality.

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