(c) Two Peas in a Bucket

Hi all! This page just went up over at TwoPeas so I thought I’d share it here. :)

Anyone who has adopted a pet knows about the instant bond that forms between you and your pet. When I adopted Mannie, it was the same way. Instant love for his little furry face.

Journaling: After wanting to adopt a cat for so long, I finally decided to just do it! On February 20 I went to the animal shelter with Anna, Lonnie, and the boys to look at kitties. The minute I took Mannie out of his cage, he snuggled right up to me. He definitely adopted me. I couldn’t resist and brought him home that night. The shelter called him “Mannaz.” I named him Mannie. :)

TIP: To change the color on the cat illustration in Photoshop (buy it for 99 cents here), I first pasted the desired pattern papers behind the illustration. Then I used the magic wand selection tool and selected the areas of the illustration I wanted to change (for example, the frame). The I selected the pattern paper layer, copied, and then pasted onto a new layer above the illustration. The new pattern covered up the original illustration colors. :)

Cat Illustration: Kitty in a Portrait by Tia Bennett; Little Miss Chloe papers by Crystal Wilkerson (kraft with white polka dot pattern); Prep School – Subject Matter Paper Set by Carina Gardner (lined pattern behind Mannie)
Patterned Papers: Notebook Basics by Jen Martakis (background); Prep School – Subject Matter Paper Set by Carina Gardner (blue with green dots); Green Tea papers by Katherine Teague (green pattern)
Multi-color border: Little Wonders Mega Kit by Meredith Fenwick
Journaling Card: Study Hall Blank Cards by Jen Allyson
Monogram: Hand Stamped Antique Alpha by Meredith Fenwick
Buttons: Pitter Pat Embellishment Kit by Meredith Fenwick (red button); Trendy Page Kit by Michelle Underwood (brown button)
Fonts: Avenir and Arial Round