I just wanted to give you guys a quick update on Mannie. Or not so quick. Just realized this post is rather long. So sorry! :)

As I mentioned yesterday, I took Mannie into the vet to have his teeth cleaned. We were anticipating that he would need to have some teeth pulled. His previous owner hadn’t taken care of his teeth and they were in poor shape.

On a side note, I don’t think they took care of him in general. When I adopted him he’d only been in the animal shelter for a couple weeks and the pads on his feet were terribly dry and callused. Obviously, they had him as an outdoor cat at his previous home. It makes me so mad because he’s fully declawed. NEVER let a declawed cat be an outdoor cat. They have no defense except for their teeth. Speaking of teeth…

The vet called around 10:00 in the morning (I dropped him off at 7:30) and said that his teeth looked great! After removing the tartar, his teeth were in surprising good shape. So they didn’t need to pull any teeth. I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders!

Then she said that while they were administering the anesthesia, they noticed a lump on the inner side of his back right leg. “Have you noticed it before?” No. The vet said it could be a fatty mass, just something older animals get sometimes, or it could be something more serious. There was really no way of knowing without doing a biopsy or removing it while he was still under. I opted to have it removed and biopsied so we could find out what it actually was. I’m hoping it was nothing, but if it turns out to be cancerous, we’ll need to watch out for other symptoms and possibly do more tests.

I guess the mass was pretty small, but they did take some of the surrounding area just to be sure. If it was cancerous, that was the best option. He has about 9 stitches and the area is about 4 inches long.

I picked him up from the vet, got some after care information, and took him out to my car to drive home. Now, Mannie does NOT like being in the car. Or at least that’s what I thought. He was meowing up a storm and could barely move inside the pet carrier with the e-collar on. The vet stressed that he must wear the e-collar so he wouldn’t disturb the surgery area with some “cat yoga,” so I was keeping an eye on him while I was driving.

However, a few minutes into the drive I noticed that the e-collar was on one end of the carrier and his head was on the other. The little stinker slipped out from the collar! I pulled over, took him out of the carrier and put the e-collar back on. But Mannie just wasn’t having the pet carrier anymore. So I drove home with him standing up in the front seat, looking out the window like a dog! He stopped meowing and seemed much more content to just look out the window or lay down on the seat.

Once home, I gave him the medication for the pain. Poor little guy was so out of it. He wasn’t meowing and was just circling the house, looking confused. Once he settled down, he feel fast asleep. I think the whole day just wore him out. It wore me out, too!

Last night I slept in the guest room since the bed in there is lower to the ground and therefore easier to jump up onto for Mannie. I wanted to be nearby during the night in case anything happened. But he seemed to do really well.

This morning he was meowing a little bit. I gave him more pain medication which he had a little trouble keeping down, so I put it on his food. He was super hungry, though, so I knew he’d get the medication down that way.

Poor little guy. He’s just moping around looking for a comfy spot to rest.

BTW, I know some of you think e-collars on cats and dogs are funny. But it’s definitely not funny when it’s your pet and you can tell they’re acting strangely because of pain and medication. So please don’t leave comments saying you think it’s funny. It’s not funny to me.

Well, I’m heading off to work this morning. I’m hoping he’s okay by himself today. After being near him all night with no problems, though, I’d don’t anticipate any issues. :)