More Brush Lettering Blending with Tombow Markers (Answers to your questions)

Happy Tuesday! After last week’s Letter Tuesday video, I received some questions about blending with Tombow markers. I thought I would do another lettering project using Tombow markers so I could answer some questions. Plus, I’m sort of in love with this fun way to practice lettering. :)

Like last week, I used watercolor paper. This time I added the quote to my Canson Montval 10×7 book. For the exact colors I used, check out the supplies list below the video.

Also, here are the tips for blending your lettering with Tombow markers from the video:

  1. Use watercolor paper – I find that watercolor paper hold up better when it comes to adding layers of color, which is what you’re doing by adding two colors together and then blending with a third (the colorless blender).
  2. Work briskly – The more the marker ink dries into the paper, the harder it will be to blend. I work in small sections of 1-3 words at a time.
  3. The best blends happen with two drastically different colors (very light and dark)
  4. Use the darker color sparingly at first – Until you know how far that dark color will go, use only a small amount. You can add more later.

Anyhow, I hope that helps some of you out! Thanks for stopping by today. :)

Watch video below | Watch at YouTube


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