Hi all!

I’m back from California and it a super fun trip! Not only was CHA amazing and inspiring, but Disneyland was a blast, too. The lines were super short. We even rode on Pirates of the Caribbean, walked off, and then walked right back on! It was awesome!

We were thoroughly drenched on Splash Mountain. I have never gotten SO wet on that ride. I have a little video after we got off the ride that I’ll post hopefully tomorrow night.

I was at CHA for work, so I don’t have any photos from that (except for my Paris Hilton sighting!), but hopefully Jen will have some photos up soon that I can point you to. :)

Anyway, a new Designer Garden went up at TwoPeas today, so I wanted to share my two digital scrap pages with you. :) Here they are…

(BTW, Marisa… forgive me for using the photo of you. I just love it (and you!) so much).

NOTE: Yes, there was a typo earlier in the first page. That’s the joy of digital scrapbooking–you can fix a typo! :)

(c) Two Peas in a Bucket

(c) Two Peas in a Bucket