On birthday gifts, bachelors, and Chili’s french fries

Things I want to mention tonight:

1. My dad and step-mom gave me Twilight and New Moon (the special edition with the first chapter of Eclipse in the back) for my birthday. My dad gave me the gifts at dinner on Saturday. What a sweetie! I asked for them because when I read them the first time I got them from the library. Now I can love them forever and forever.

2. Andy chose Tessa! Okay, I’ll admit it, I got sucked into The Bachelor this season. But, hello! What a cutie! I was so rooting for Tessa the entire time. She didn’t throw herself at him and he had to really pursue her. I think in the end that’s what made a difference. Andy’s a traditional guy, and a traditional courtship would really appeal to him.

3. Went to Chili’s for lunch today with the crew from work. Just a bunch of creative people crowded around a tiny table. :) We had to wait a long time for our food and after we received it I concluded that my meal must have been the first done and was placed for three hours in the furthest spot away from any heat. Maybe in front of the freezer even. French fries were cold, hard as rock, and tasted like cardboard. It was the VERY first time I’ve ever sent my food back to the kitchen. “Um… my fries are super cold.”

4. In reference to number 1, I just finished re-reading Twilight. Sigh. I need an Edward in my life. But maybe one that’s less… vampirey. And more alive or something. :)

5. This weekend’s baked item of choice was Chocolate Chip Mint Cupcakes. Yum. I have yet to completely finish them, however. The recipe said I could freeze them so I stuck them in the freezer and when I’m ready to frost them, I’ll whip those puppies out, thaw them, and slather on the mint green icing. Double Yum.

6. In reference to numbers 1 and 4, I pre-orderd Eclipse this weekend as well. Someone stop me. I’m entangled in the complex world of Stephenie Meyer.

7. Quick update on the workshop last Saturday. Not a whole lot of sales (read: two tiny orders), but I’m still holding out that the hostess might get the total of all orders up to $150 so she can receive hostess benefits. A couple people that wanted to order weren’t able to come so she’s showing them the catalog and getting their orders that way. Also, she seemed to like the box. Was fascinated with the glitter and everyone there wanted to know how I did that. Just glue and glitter, people. Super simple. They were happy to hear that. :)

Speaking of the box, watch for a tutorial on making one. Hopefully I can add it this weekend. :)

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