Morning, all!

If you caught my tweet or Facebook message around midnight last night, you already know there won’t be a Make a Card Monday video today. It was a super busy weekend and I didn’t have a chance to film.

I’ve been working on some things for an article over at, which I think comes out in their eZine sometime this week. I’ll be sure to post here about it when the article is up. I’m not sure I can say too much about it other than it’s a very timely subject matter. Oh, and it’s about card making because that’s what I do, right? ;) You can take a guess from that what it’s about. :)


How’s Mannie?

My little guy continues to get better. He’s not back at 100% yet, but I think he will be soon. :)

At this very moment

Currently, I’m sitting in the waiting room at the auto shop. Waiting while they work on my car. Thank heavens they have wireless internet! It makes the time pass much quicker. Although I’m hoping they hurry. I have to head straight into work after they’re done.

In another random note, have you all seen The King’s Speech? I saw it last week and it was phenomenal! Colin Firth can nearly do no wrong in my book.

What other good movies or shows have you seen recently. The regular TV season is winding down and soon all we’ll have left to watch is So You Think You Can Dance. I need some recommendations. :)