I’ve been on an organizing kick recently, wanting to organize my craft space. I basically have a whole room to myself (my office). Today I focused on paper and card stock.

I found a great website for office supplies, M.O. Inc. I actually first saw M.O. in the 2005 Communication Arts Design Annual and just had to look them up. Awesome looking supplies! Well designed and useful.

So when I had the urge to organize, I knew where to go! I just love their hanging file folders and file folders. The file folders are a very thick card stock, not like the usual manila folders. And then the tabs! The plastic tabs for the hanging file folders are great! The labels they give you are perfect to wrap around the three sides of the tabs. I put the names of the colors on the top and the color family on the front surface (see photo below).

The way I’m organizing all my SU! card stock:

– By color: three colors per folder. I’ll keep scraps and about 10 full sheets of each color. All leftovers (and those that don’t fit) will go in my vertical paper storage.

– By color family.

I can’t wait to fill these folders up!