Pictures from yesterday, and an update

Apparently, some people people on our cruise can drive scooters. :)

And most Bermudians drive scooters, too.

Went on a tour of Hamilton and St. George yesterday. Bermuda is acutally only 21 square miles, with the widest portion being only 1-1/2 miles wide, so we covered nearly everything on our tour.

The view of the water near Hamilton.

We went to one of the lighthouses here in Bermuda and I was fascinated with the bright red shutters on the lighthouse’s windows. Love it!

Outside some shops in St. George. The street were pretty empty because we’re actually the first cruise ship of the tourist season. Generally, people don’t start coming for a few weeks from now.

A home in Bermuda. The owners collected old apple juice bottles, and filled them with colorful waters. I guess the bright colors keep stray dogs and cats away.

Taken from the bus window as we drove by.

This is the view from my bus window as we sped across a bridge. Bermuda is made up of many little islands, so there are many bridges.

At John Smith Beach. We got out of the bus for a few minutes. Sadly, we couldn’t stay longer.

One of the historic homes in Bermuda, this is Verdmont. It was so awesome! What makes this home unique is the fact that even though it was built hundreds of years ago, it still is in its original condition. Only three different families have owned it, the third being the historical society in Bermuda. For some reason, the owners have never upgraded the interior to include indoor plumbing or electricity. It literally is just as it was when it was built.

We finished out the day by going on a glass bottom boat tour over one of the many reefs. I didn’t get any good fish photos (the glass was super thick), but I did get a photo of the gorgeous sunset. My word, the sunsets here are amazing.

As for today, I’ve spent the day on the ship. I finally went to the infirmary on the ship last night because my knee was looking pretty bad. Nothing they could do except to tell me to take some ibuprofen and try to relax. Thanks. Oh, and they gave me a tetnus (sp?) shot. Joy. Now my arm hurts, too.

Basically, the doctor said I’m lucky I didn’t break anything. I hit one side of knee really bad, and it looks like the bruise goes all the way through to the other side. Believe me, it’s not pretty. A war wound. Seriously.

But, hey, for those from work who are checking in, I have to say that I’m not the only one who’s had some adventures on and falling off a scooter. Angie had a run in with a palm tree, but no worries. She’s just fine. No injuries, the stinker! I hit a curb and come back all black and blue–she practically drives a scooter up a tree, and rolls over onto the grass and starts laughing! :)

BTW, thanks for all your well wishes. If anything, I think my stupid injuries are making me slow down a bit and relax. In fact, this morning, I went to the hydrotherapy pool, thermal beds (some heat for my back), and then read out by the pool. I was pretty slathered up with sunscreen yesterday so I don’t look like I’ve even been in the sun, but today I didn’t wear any. I was laying in the sun for about 20 minutes. Didn’t want to chance it. I think I have a slight bit of color, but let’s face it. I’m either red or white. There’s no in between. So I”m just trying to not go home extremely red. :)

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