Printing Digital Layouts

Ever since I started digital scrapbooking about two years ago, I’ve been meaning to have all my layouts professionally printed so I could put them in my albums. I’ve printed out a couple myself on my Epson Artisan 710 and they turned out fantastic, but it used up SO much ink that I knew it would be cheaper having them printed elsewhere.

So, last week I searched across the web for an inexpensive website that would print 8×8 layouts. I tried Shutterfly (because I’ve used them before for large prints and such), but for the life of me I couldn’t figure out how to specify that I wanted it to be an 8×8 print without having to go through they’re “scrapbook” section of the website and manually change each one. Hard to describe, and I had over 20 layouts to order and I wasn’t about to waste my time doing that. I simple wanted to bulk upload my files and then say, “I want these printed at 8×8. Oh! And I want it cheaper that the $3 or so that you’re charging me.”

I ended up at Let me tell you, the prints are awesome! They arrived on Tuesday after ordering them one week ago and are safely tucked away in my albums. :) The upload was super easy at the website, the ordering was also easy, and the best part? Each print was only $0.99 (I got the regular matte finish. You can even go cheaper with the thrifty matte for only $0.89). Sweet!

So if any of you were looking for an online printer recommendation, I’d go with

NOTE: For more info on printing digital scrapbook pages and elements for hybrid scrapbooking, I answered some questions here.

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