Printing Digital Pages & Hybrid Elements

Hi all!

I’m had some questions the last few days about digital scrapbooking in relation to having layouts printed. I thought I’d answer them in a post. :)

How do you print your layouts?
I purposely design my layouts at a smaller size (8×8) so that I can print them on my home printer or have them printed at my local photo printing place.

What do you do to prep your layouts for printing?
At Home: I save the layout as a JPG and then print straight from Photoshop. Depending on your version of Photoshop, the printing dialogue box will be different. But I basically select the printer I’m using, then check the paper settings. It should be 8.5×11 and the image should be centered on the page. If your printer has extra settings to adjust, you’ll need to do that as well. My printer has a few extra options, including choosing the type of paper. I select the paper I’m printing on and the computer/printer does its magic and prepares to make my printout look even better. Then I hit print.

Printing it professionally: If I send out my layouts to a local printing place (i.e. Walmart or Costco), I create a new document in Photoshop that is 8×10 and paste my layout into it. If I need some smaller photos printed, sometimes I’ll place those at the bottom of the 8×10 document as well (since there will be 2 inches of space leftover). Then I upload the file or burn it to a CD to be printed.

Some websites such as have specific scrapbook layout printing. So they will print 12×12 layouts and such. If you’re working at a larger size than what your home printer can accommodate and don’t want the added expense of a large format home printer, this is a great option.

What printer do you use?
I’m a big fan of Epson printers (you get what you pay for) and recently bought an Epson Artisan 710. It’s a fabulous all-in-one printer. I don’t need a scanner too often, but to have it available is good, especially if I decide to use an older photo on a layout and need to digitally scan it so it can be used in Photoshop. And I love that it can connect wirelessly to my network. One less cord beneath my desk. :)

What paper do you use?
I would suggestion a matte presentation paper, or a photo paper if you like the glossy look. I find that it’s always a good idea to buy the paper that is specifically for your printer (i.e. Use HP matte presentation paper in your HP printer). If you keep to the same brand of paper and printer, the results will likely be better. This is just my experience.

What about printing out elements for hybrid scrapbooking or cardmaking?
If I’m making a layout, I’ll use the same paper I would for a whole layout (i.e. the matte presentation paper I mention in the previous question). If it’s for a card, I’m not as picky. Usually I’ll grab some plain white cardstock and feed that through the printer. For those wondering, the Epson Artisan 710 handles some pretty thick cardstock. Last week’s Finally Friday invitation was printed on the heavier weight Papertrey Ink white cardstock. I also used the same cardstock (plus cream) when I printed the hybrid elements for this card.

Hopefully that answered quite a few questions. Feel free to ask some more in the comments and I’ll try to answer them there as well. :)

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