Q&A (October 2010)

Hi all! Wow, there were a lot of questions! Here are my answers! :)

Questions in BOLD
Answers in just regular old type. :)


Just wondered when you ever have chance to socialise (and maybe meet Mr Right?) you must either be at work, working at home, working on your blog or sleeping!!! I do envy your beautiful Mannie, perhaps he’s better than Mr Right anyway :o)
Sleeping? What’s that? ;)

Ok, I know this has been asked and answered many times in the past, but I’m asking again in case things have changed. Any chance there may be a stamp set out one day with your handwriting in it somewhere?? I know you’ve got some of your handwriting in the BG digital kits so I thought you might be leaning towards that possibility. I’m a fanatic over handwritten type fonts when it comes to stamps so that would be very exciting to me! ;)
I’ve never said I would never use my handwriting in a stamp set (there are BG sets that I designed and Stampin’ Up! sets that I designed that have my handwriting). I just won’t ever put my handwriting into a font. That’s where I draw the line.

Fun! Okay, here’s my question: do you ever submit your cards to magazines? I always carefully read the names of the designers I like and look them up online. So far I’ve never spotted you, but it would be fun to!
I used to, but most of the magazines I was submitting to paid in product and really I just wanted to pick out my own product. :) Plus, I get really awesome feedback from blog readers and it’s a lot more instantaneous. :)

How did you become a garden girl?
Garden Girl selection is by invitation only. They pick you! :)

It seems that everyone has that one crafting tool or supply that they just had to have and then regret purchasing. Mine is grungeboard. What’s yours?
I would probably say SU’s pastels. I really wanted to use them and try them out, but I just never reach for them.

How did you get the idea for MACM?? I love them and thought how you ever got the idea!
I wanted to do card videos, and since I do most of my crafting on the weekends, something to do with Mondays seemed like the perfect fit.

I’d like to know what your favorite class in college was =D
Probably my pottery class. :)

What does your sketch book look like? Is it pretty and fluffy or simple and functional? Can we actually see what it looks like (not the ideas, just the general book)?
I’m still using a card sketchbook like this one. But it’s just plain patterned paper on the front. No decorating. Just pretty functional at the moment.

Do you ever use any other type of adhesve on your cards? Always see you using the snail adhesive. I sometimes don’t find this strong enough. Would you recommend another type?
Tombow Mono tape runner has always been my favorite just because it’s so easy to use. I haven’t strayed from it much.

How you find the inspirations to [create] such lovely cards? also, how to decide which stamps go best with what pattern papers?
I’m mostly inspired by the product I’m using. I’ll look through my stash of supplies and try to come up with an idea from there. As for pattern papers and stamps, there’s no real defined process for me. It’s just instinct and whatever I feel like using at the moment. :)

Which stamp pads you find to be the best. How long should they last?
I still find Colorbox Fluid Chalk Inks to be the best overall. They work with nearly every type of stamp. How long they last depends on a lot of things (i.e. your climate, how you store the inkpads, etc). I know mine are getting dry when they don’t stamp as well.

What stamp pads are best for various techniques, for instance, what stamp pad or type of ink is best for embossing.
I really only do three techniques with ink: stamping, blender pen, and embossing. Stamping = Any and all inks, but I prefer Colorbox Fluid Chalk Ink. Blender Pen = Dye-based inks seem to work best. Embssing = VersaMark or Ranger Clear Embossing Ink.

What brand of clear [stamps] work well with waterbased inks? (as I have found some clears stamp beautifully) and then will chalk inks work well on everything?
Every brand is different. I can’t speak for all of them out there. All I know is that I’ve had the best experience is Hero Arts clear stamps. They take ink very well. As for chalk inks, I really can only speak about Colorbox Fluid Chalk Inks. Those inks tend to stamp well with all types of stamps.

Do you have anything below your black cutting mat to help your stamps stamp evenly?

You haven’t jumped on the “ATG gun” bandwagon yet… why?
I’ve tried them before and they just seemed so bulky. Not my thing, I guess. :)

Have you ever considered bringing your own craft line out i.e. stamps, paper or embellies?
Considered? Yes. Will I do it? Probably not. I would need a lot more time and a lot more money to do that.

Do ever do any sewing, quitling or making clothes?
Nope! I don’t even own a sewing machine. :)

How do you always have perfect pictures of your nieces and nephews i can never get good shots without too much colour or clutther in the background or them to sit still :-)
Pure luck! LOL! Actually, it has a lot to do with the settings on your camera. If you have an “action” setting (sometimes it looks like running man), that might help. You just need the fastest setting on your camera.

Also do you know which setting makes things in background blur and the subject not ?
Your describing aperture. If there’s a close-up, portrait, or aperture priority setting on your camera, that will do it. :)

I was wondering if you used Copic markers at all. I’ve send you using a blender pen and ink pads for colouring stamped images and just wondering if you’d had much to do with Copic markers.
I have used them, but I don’t own very many colors.

Do you sign your cards on the back ? Like handmade by Kristina or something ?
Nope. I used to have a personalized name stamp from Stampin’ Up, but I rarely used it. Now, I don’t even think about it. :)

And can u tell me what is the name of that tool that help You stamp evenly . You used that in this video.

Do you use your silhouette more often than we see in videos, enough to justify the purchase?
Yes. Especially to cut out things for family members who need favors. LOL! Seriously though, yes, I feel I’ve used it enough to justify the cost.

Do you have time to do other projects, like fun just cause you want to ones, besides the videos and submissions?
Not a whole lot, but when I do it’s fun. :)

Have you tried Papertrey Ink stamps? What do you think?
Yes. Good quality stamps with some cute designs. :)

What do you think of the Cricut Imagine?
I might be biased since I don’t even like Cricut machines (see this entry for why), but I think the Imagine is an overpriced printer that cuts things. You can get similar results with the printer that’s already sitting on your desk and a much cheaper Silhouette machine. Just sayin’.

I’m really interested in getting a job with a scrapbooking company. How did you get into the field?
Straight out of college, I applied at SU to design their catalog. Luckily they hired me. From there, I worked my way over to product design. It’s much easier to get a position like that from within a company. I was lucky that way.

What inspired/possessed you to start doing Make a Card Monday? Do you ever get tired of the commitment and want to stop doing it?
I was asked frequently about tying ribbon and had the idea that a video would show it better than I could describe it. So I made a video. From there, it was a natural progression to just film the creation of an entire card. And sure, yes, sometimes I need a break. Luckily, MACM is just once a week. :)

Does a versamark marker work the same a blender pen for using ink pads to color images?
No, it doesn’t so the same thing. Come to think of it, I don’t really know what the purpose of a VersaMarker is. I’ve tried to use it for embossing (FAIL), and the only thing I can think of is that you could write or doodle with it.

Can you make a living submitting cards for publishing, having a blog, being on a stamp company design team?
In my personal opinion, no. I’m thankful to have a full-time job away from my blog.

Do you think the clear stamp block from stampin up is worth the money?
Yes. They are high quality blocks. And even though I have a lot of clear blocks, I seems to reach for the SU ones more often.

Which blogger inspires you the most?
Right now I’m loving the Studio Calico blog. Not just one person, but the blog is fantastic.

What company’s ink pads do you recommend the most? I notice you use Stampin’ Up inks for those type of things, but is that because you used to work for them and have already invested in them, or because they are the best? Would you switch if you ran out?
I use Colorbox Fluid Chalk Ink the most. That’s because I stamp in brown and charcoal most often. If I want color, I use SU inks. I don’t know that I would switch if I ran out. I like the vibrancy of the colors. :)

Who makes your favorite acetate (cardstock)?
Hero Arts clear cards. :)

I am looking for someone to host a giveaway for a custom blog design. I was wondering if this is something you’d be interested in doing (for your Blogger readers/users), or if it is against your policies? Maybe we could incorporate a digital kit from Basic Grey in the design.
I don’t do giveaways like that at the moment. So, sorry, no not at this time. On a side note, I believe using BG digital files for blog designs that you are selling commercially is against the Terms of Use. You might want to check into that. BG doesn’t offer a commercial use option for their digital files.

What inspired you to start scrapbooking/cardmaking, and what got you interested in your job?
When I was working at SU, I saw all the cool product in the catalog and was fascinated! That started my interest in it. From there, I though, “I really want a product like _____.” And I would suggest it to the SU product designers. Then eventually, I became a product designer, too!

Is there anything about your personal life that you can share with us?
Uh… I had pasta for lunch? :)

I’m sure I have seen you use adhesive magnetic fasteners on your cards. I think you folded over some ribbon and attached the fastener to it ?? Anyway, it was gorgeous. I can’t find the adhesvive magnetic fasteners anywhere. Who makes them please?
I think you’re referring to the BasicGrey Magnetic Snaps. I’m not sure where you can find them at the moment. A quick Google serach might find where you can buy them.

I like to know the basics of designing , can you recommend a nice book (for starters) about graphic design?
Unfortunately, I can’t think of anything off the top of my head. What helped me the most when I was in school was to look through graphic design annuals like Communication Arts. You might look for a CA design annual. :)

Have you ever [kept] count of how many cards you’ve made?
Oh my word! No. I’m sort of afraid to know the real number! :)

Whats the best way to get on a design team?!
Keep improving your design skills. Now what companies are looking for team members and then follow the directions they give you for applying. If your style and work is what they’re looking for, they’ll snatch you right up! :)

How do you decide how much to charge for your cards?
I base it on the time it takes to create the card. A simpler card costs less. A more complex card costs more. Anywhere from $3-6 seems to work for me.

Do you have a secret on how to clean good scissors after using them with something that left them a bit tacky?
It’s probably not the smartest thing to do, but I just wipe them off with a baby wipe (since I have them on hand for cleaning stamps). That seems to clean them off for me, but I don’t tend to cut things that are super tacky. Just the occasional mini glue dot. :)

Do you get bored of doing cards / uploading videos EVERY week?
Sometimes. Just like with all things in life, sometimes you’re excited about things, and sometimes your not. :)

I’m interested in learning about what is entailed in becoming a designer. Can one make a good living at it?
A graphic designer? Yes. If you’re interested in graphic design, I would suggest looking into college classes or a technical school. Some designers don’t pursue formal training, but I think the ones who do really jumpstart their career. The things you learn in college are a good foundation for a design career.

I think you mentioned in your blog about getting supplies ready for the 12 days of Christmas and were waiting on items from sponsors?? How does that work?
I took note of the holiday collections that were released at CHA that I was interested in, and then contacted the companies. Thankfully a few were excited about sponsoring, and the rest is history. :)


Whoo! That’s a lot of questions. Next time, I’ll cut off the comments earlier and then ask for questions again soon after. Sort of split up all the questions. :)

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