Note: the audio gets out-of-sync near the end and I couldn’t figure out why… After exporting it from iMovie multiple times, I gave up and decided to upload it as is. :)

Questions answered in this video:

How do you organize digital photos?
Do you have any Photoshop tips?
How do you record video from above your workspace?
How do you match the length of the video with the length of the song?
Do you have tips for those who want to work on a design team?
When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Tell me about Perfect Layers.
Do you make your own envelopes?
How do you fold scored card stock?
Which do you use most: pigment or dye inks?
Are you going to the Stampin’ Up! Convention?
How do you measure ribbon for tying a bow/knot?
How do you add a watermark to photos?
What do you do with paper you don’t like anymore?
Do you have a tip for using small $1 stamps?
How do you organize your paper?