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Links to pens at JetPens: Pental Tradio EnerGel, Pilot Acroball 3 Color Ballpoint, Kuretake Zig Letter Pen Bodies and Refills

I’m totally loving all four of these pens that I picked up from JetPens.com. Here’s a short little review… :)

The Pentel Tradio is the perfect smooth writing gel pen. It’s just yummy to use. Plus, it’s just cool that it has a little cut out window in the tip of the cap so you can see the tip of the pen (you can’t see it in the photo above, though).

The Acroball line from Pilot is actually really nice, too. It isn’t as smooth for writing as the Tradio. That’s to be expected since it’s not a gel pen, though. I love the thin line and the fact that it has three colors in this version. I picked up a couple more that are the regular Acroball pens (just one color ink instead of three) and they’ll good as well.

And I’m TOTALLY in love with the CocoIro line from Kuretake. It’s a fun idea. Different colors of pen bodies and then you pick the refill. There are lots of different refills, too. Ballpoint, brush tip, and sort of a felt tip. Multiple colors to choose from. I’ve heard that you can write with just the refill without the pen body, but I like the feel of the pen body. Plus, the refills roll off desks easily. The clip on the pen body prevents that.

Disclaimer: JetPens let me choose some pens to try. These are my picks. :)