I have been reunited with my scrap stuff (and the rest of my things, but really, priorities people?).

A nice old man from Northwest Airlines (I actually flew United… strange) dropped off both bags about an hour ago. My lovely red luggage was a bit dusted with white stuff (salt I assume, since it’s hovering around 0 degrees outside), but that was soon put to right. It came right off. Other than that, right as rain. It’s like as long as I know where my patterned paper is, all is well. Hee hee! I’m sure many of you can agree with that. Then again, many of you probably have children and they might take presidence over your scrapping stuff, eh?

Oh, to be single and not have a care in the world above scrapbook supplies. (Ya’ll know I’m kidding, right?)

I just stepped out of the shower (ahhh!) and now I’m letting my hair dry while I type. Such a luxury! Usually I’m in such a hurry that I don’t even have the time to let my mop of a head dry by natural means. I’m definitely a hair dryer girl, but I do love the silky feel of letting it air dry.

OKAY! The best part of my trip out here (not the luggage lost thing, obviously) was eating at the Denver airport. THE best BBQ chicken pizza I’ve ever had! I bought it at the Wolfgang Puck Express. I figured if he can make a rice cooker, he probably can make a pizza. Yum! Highly recommend it. I hope my layover in the Denver is long enough on my way back home that I have time to grab another one. I may have liked the first one so much because I was starving.

Thought I’d share a couple photos that my first day out here. I’m sure these will end up on scrapbook pages in the next little bit, but I just can’t wait to show off my cute nieces and nephews. SO CUTE!