Okay, so sometimes I watch HSN. And they finally got to me last weekend. I bought the Wolfgang Puck rice cooker. Let me tell you, it’s FABULOUS! I love it! I spent all weekend cooking rice and mac and cheese.

Yes, I said mac and cheese! You can cook other things besides rice in it! Perfect for those lazy days in the summer when I don’t want to fire up the stove top or oven. In fact, the recipes included in the instruction manual are delish! :)

The mac and cheese was pretty good. The noodles weren’t quite done, so the next time I make it, I’ll cook the pasta just a bit before I add all the ingredients to the rice cooker.

I also made some rice pudding and just plain rice to keep in the fridge for quick after work meals. One recipe that I found last Friday that I really like is from the Cooking Light web site…

Chile-Cheese Rice Burritos

I saved some of it for lunch today at work and it went really well. I just packed the filling in a container, the lettuce in a little baggy, and the salsa in a little miniature Glad plastic container, and put all of it in my handy-dandy pink lunch bag (which I bought from Amazon.com). A quick heat up of the filling and a tortilla and I was in business.


And some more yummy… This is one of the cards I have planned for my January stamp club meetings. Yes, that’s meetings, as in plural! My first club has gone so well that when a few more ladies from work wanted to join but there wasn’t room, I decided to start another!

Anyway, here’s the card. I want to feature the color spritzer and show that it can be used in a sophisticated, subtle way. I used it here tone on tone to add depth to the chocolate chip card stock.