The story so far…

I made a difficult phone call last night. I called Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator Support so I could resign my position as a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator.

But by no means am I leaving Stampin’ Up! completely. Here’s the story so far. And I’m just going to go at this with all honesty and hope that you all will understand why I haven’t ever addressed much of this previously.

After I graduated from college in 2005, I was hired by Stampin’ Up! to be a graphic designer. I mostly worked on the catalog and other projects specifically for foreign markets (Australia was my “baby” — one of the reasons why Dave Abbott’s passing really affected me). After working there for a year and coming to love the company and products so much, I decided to become a demonstrator and signed up under a good friend at work, Erica. In fact, one of the main reasons I signed up was so that I could attend the convention in Denver as a demonstrator instead of an employee.

Yep, I work at Stampin’ Up! Some of you have put two and two together and figured this out (at least from some of the comments you’ve left), but I’ve never confirmed or denied working at Stampin’ Up! because I absolutely loved the anonymity of just being a regular demonstrator, ya know? In many ways, I’m just another papercrafter with an obsession for anything paper or inky. :)

About a year ago, I transferred departments within the company and became a product designer. I now get to design patterned paper, scrapbooking kits, and other items. I don’t get to “play” with product at work, so I stamp and create cards in my spare time at home.

Anyway, this change in positions is one of the reasons I left the American Crafts design team. Even though all work for AC was done at my home in my spare time, it was a conflict of interest to be designing product for one company and then having a standing contract with another company. I love both American Crafts and Stampin’ Up!, but as a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator and employee, I knew I would have to let the ACDT go. :( Sarah (ACDT guru) knew about this and knew that I would be resigning from the team at the end of my contract. I always made it a point to be upfront and honest with both AC and SU!

At the same time, I’m living at home and trying to save up for a place of my own (the current housing/mortgage market isn’t exactly in my favor, ya know?). After being a demonstrator for over a year, and evaluating my finances, it was more financially responsible to let my demonstratorship go. I will still have the opportunity to purchase Stampin’ Up! product at a slight discount because I am an employee, but will no longer have the other expenses of maintaining a small business.

So, that’s the story so far. Where do we go from here? It’s mostly going to be the same, but just as a heads up…

This is still a papercrafting blog. I am still going to post here and use products from SU! and other companies. I will still have videos and tutorials. However, this is a blog that happens in my spare time and is a hobby. I have rarely talked about work in the past, and I will continue to rarely mention it. I like to leave the office behind each night when I drive home. My co-workers are my friends, though, so sometimes they will be mentioned or will make an appearance in a photo or two.

I’m sure this is a given, but this is not an “official Stampin’ Up! blog” or anything like that. I do not speak for the company. I will never speak for the company. As far as my little space on the web is concerned, it’s just me. :)

I spoke with my card club girls a couple weeks ago about this and we decided as a group to continue with our card club. But it will be less formal (was it ever really formal?). Mostly just a group getting together each month to make a couple cards. This format is similar to a card club that my sister in Minnesota is in right now, where each month the group meets at someone’s house and they make cards. Each person pays for their supplies and they go home with a few cards each month.

I guess the only reason I felt the need to tell you all this is because Stampin’ Up! is such a large part of my life. And by resigning as a demonstrator, I’m not leaving it behind. I’m just doing what’s best for me.

Sorry ’bout the novel. I’ll be back to the regular cards and such tomorrow. :)

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