My Top Five WordPress Plug-ins

Hi all!

I recently have become obsessed with researching and trying out WordPress plug-ins. Over the last little bit, I’ve found some interesting one that I really enjoy. So, for all you WordPress users out there, here are some not to miss plug-ins…

WPTouch Pro

I originally installed the free version of this plug-in just to try out and see if I wanted to upgrade. After a bit of time (and asking my Twitter and Facebook friends), I decided it would be worth the upgrade. This plug-in basically installs an alternate theme that is only displayed when a blog reader is access your blog on a mobile device. WPTouch Pro makes the blog load quickly without losing any of it’s functionality. Really awesome plug-in. I would highly recommend it.

Watch video below | Watch at YouTube

Fluency Admin

I love LOVE this plug-in. It’s almost like installing a theme just for the admin side of your blog. You blog readers won’t even see it. But it’s not about that at all–it’s about efficiency. The side drop down menus are so convenient! And let’s face it, it basically looks cool. :)


This is a really popular theme/plug-in. It’s actually classified it as a theme, but it does so much more than a theme that I wouldn’t hesitate to call it a plug-in. It allows you to make easy changes to your WordPress blog. I can’t even describe it–it’s so awesome! I love it! I converted KWernerDesign Blog to it over the weekend and I’ve been loving it ever since. :)

My Custom Widgets

When I moved from Movable Type to WordPress, I built my own custom theme. I didn’t delve into the CSS and coding too much and therefore never learned to appreciate widgets. After installing Thesis (which supports widgets), I am in LOVE with all things widget. :) So this plug-in has come in very handy. I use it to quickly add HTML code to my sidebar.


Some of you might have noticed the cool “social media bar” at the bottom of my posts on my blog. That’s from the SexyBookmarks plug-in. Super cool. And I love that you can change what it says…

Anyhow, enjoy! And if any of you out there are looking into switching to WordPress, go for it!

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