Traveling with Watercolors – My Recommendations

One of the questions I get asked quite frequently is about different watercolor palettes or mediums. What would I recommend? What do I use? I thought it would be interesting to share some of that information with you all from the perspective of traveling with watercolors, or watercoloring when you’re away from home. :)

So I have a video for you showing most of my go-to watercolor choices with I’m traveling. I’ve used all of these away from home, so I’ve tried them all out.

Over all, if you’re in the market for new watercolors, any of these would be amazing! I think the best watercolors are the ones that you’re actually *using*. The more you use your watercolors, the more you can somewhat predict what they can do (in turn allowing you to control the paint more) and the more you know how the paint behaves. I say pick one and stick with it for a while until you feel comfortable.

For more exploration of different type of watercolors, I would recommend both the Watercolor for Card Makers and Watercolor for Card Makers: Exploring Mediums classes at Both classes are phenomenal and geared toward cardmakers.

Anyhow, enjoy the video! All of the products shown or mentioned in the video are linked below…

Palettes, Brushes, Etc.

The letters below each image are links to stores where you can buy the product. SSS = Simon Says Stamp, AZ = Amazon, etc. Compensated affiliate links used when possible. Items marked with an asterisk (*) were provided by a store or the manufacturer. All other items were personally purchased.  Items below are shown in the order they appear in the video.

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