Hi all! I realized that I needed to update ya’ll on a bunch on stuff! I’ve been super busy, so I’ve only been doing the bare minimum (MACM and FF videos). But I have a spare moment, so I thought I’d give a quick update. :)


Mannie has fully recovered from his surgery back in December. Even the fur on his back leg (surgery site) and front leg (where the IV was put in) has grown back. You can just barely tell that there’s a shorter patch of fur. :)

Mannie is back to his meow-y self. He hasn’t been in as many videos recently since when I’m filming, he’s usually asleep. I’m trying to film more on the weekends so that I can hang out with him at night. Then he doesn’t feel as neglected. He’s very demanding if I’ve been at work all day and then come home and “ignore” him so I can film a card video. :)

A Year in Cards Class

Last month’s A Year in Cards class was the last one. I decided that I needed to cut back somewhere and since it was only a once-per-month class, I decided that A Year in Cards would end with 2010. So sorry to all of you who followed it closely for two years. Everything else will continue as normal, though.

My niece Ashlynn

My brother and sister-in-law buried my niece on December 27th. It was an extremely emotional day for everyone. Not one I’d like to repeat, but one I’m remember forever. My little 8-year-old niece Kate summed it up nicely after seeing the baby in the oh-so-tiny casket. “She’s so pretty. She would have been a fun cousin to play with.”

Thank you to everyone who sent cards and messages of love and comfort. I still go back and read them. :)


I volunteered to host Christmas with my family at my house this year. Originally, it was going to be just me, my sister and her husband, and my two nephews. A total of 5 people. With the passing of my niece and the funeral being the Monday after Christmas, I had a lot more family in town. My small Christmas brunch at my small house ballooned to 15 people! But it went extremely well and it was SO fun to have everyone in town for Christmas. I think this is the first time we’ve had the entire family together for Christmas since 2003.


I got my sewing machine for Christmas, and finally started my first sewing project this weekend. I’m making a lined zippered pouch to have in my purse. I carry around a lot of random papers and little booklets, so I need something to keep them in so they don’t take over my purse. :) My mom and sister sent a big box of fabric scraps from Arizona and it arrived last Thursday, so I broke out the fabric this weekend. I couldn’t decide on one fabric, so I decided to piece together the front of the pouch. After piecing it together, I realized that the zipper I had was too short. So the project is on hold until I can pick up a longer zipper sometime today. :)

And I think that completes all my updates. Did I miss anything? If so, leave me a comment. :)