Video Tutorials: Embossing with Custom Monograms

Hi kids!

I took a calligraphy class many years ago and, as one of the projects, we learned how to create custom monograms for embossing. It was a cool technique and every once in a while, I want to try it out again.

Anyway, here is how you make a custom monogram for embossing. The second video is how to use the same monogram, but with traditional heat embossing.

Some things to note:

– You want to choose a font or lettering with wide openings. This prevents little pieces from breaking off.

– Because you’re cutting over all the edges, there’s a slight problem with some letters. Letters with enclosed areas such as an ‘o’ and uppercase ‘R’ do not work with this technique. There is a way to remedy this problem with a quick fix, but I’ll leave that for another video if ya’ll are interested. :)

– You do NOT have to have a light table to dry emboss. Try holding up your card stock and monogram to a well-lit window!

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