Good morning, all!

Over the past few months I’ve had to upgrade my webhosting account twice because apparently all of my visitors to this blog are using up a TON of bandwidth. I’m both happy and worried about this. Happy because that means there are more of you visiting and I get to share with even more of you, and worried because I’m now paying a LOT more per month that I anticipated when I created this blog. Like a lot. More than I pay for my family plan on AT&T a lot.

Anyway, I’ve upgraded my hosting account to a high volume level, but that also means that it costs an arm and a leg to keep my blog up and running. In order to combat the costs (which are above how much I make with the ads), I decided I would start a Virtual Card Club! Hopefully this will be something that is valuable to you and it can help me out, too. :)

Here’s the rundown on Virtual Card Club:

  • Whatever I design and plan for my in-real-life card club, I’ll create a PDF with plenty of photos of the project, a full supply list, and brief instructions.
  • Every month, it will only cost $5 USD (Yes, those of you from other countries can buy it, too! :)


For this month’s card club, we made a 25 days of Christmas advent calendar! The $5 PDF is 7 pages and includes large photos of the finished project, individual shots of each number, tips and tricks for assembly, a full supply list, and ideas for what to put inside the advent calendar days.

I hope you all enjoy it! Please click on the Buy Now button below and it will take you to PayPal. NOTE: You will need Adobe Reader to view the file. Download it for free here.

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NOTE: Depending on how you pay through PayPal (credit card vs. e-check), you might be able to download the PDF file immediately after submitting payment. If not presented with the opportunity to download immediately, a download link will be emailed to your PayPal email address. The system is automated, so requests for the PDF to be sent to a different email address cannot be accommodated. Thanks!


Just to clarify a few things about Virtual Card Club… Yes, there will be a new PDF each month with a new project. It will always be just $5. You can buy it one month and not the next, or however you’d like.

Also, I’ll be keeping all the Virtual Card Club PDFs online and available to purchase whenever you’d like. So if next holiday season comes around and you’d like to see the advent calendar, it will still be here. I eventually want to create a page that just has Virtual Card Club stuff (a small store if you will).

Anyway, thank you to everyone who’s bought the first Virtual Card Club PDF. Sometimes I’m just so overwhelmed that so many of you would actually be interested in it. I’m just sittin’ here at my computer, baffled that anyone would want to buy it. It truly is humbling and I’m so thankful for all your support. :)

You’ve all given me one more thing to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Again, thanks so much! :)