Welcome Home Sophie & Daphne! (American Shorthair Silver Tabby Cats)

Many of you know that my cat Mannie passed away about six weeks ago. I’ve been wanting a new cat or cats since very soon after. The house just isn’t the same without a few meows here and there. :)

I had the opportunity to adopt two older purebred American Shorthair Silver Tabby cats this week, so my mom and I flew up to Seattle to pick them up an bring them home. They are the cutest little kitties ever! Check out the video below! I’ve included more info and pictures below…

Watch video below | Watch at YouTube


Daphne is 8-years-old, but you’d never know it! She is extremely playful and can’t pass up the chance to play. She cuddly but only on her terms. As most cat are, right? ;)


While Daphne is more playful, Sophie is more mellow (although, she does play sometimes, too). She is 6-years-old, and is very affectionate. She’s constantly rubbing up against me asking for pets and cuddles.

So those are the kitties! They are just the sweetest little things! From the very first night, they were snuggling up to me in bed. So affectionate and they love ear scratches.

The whole adoption process and transporting them back to Utah from Washington went so smoothly, that I really believe that Mannie had something to do with it. I adopted him when he was 8, so he knew these two older cats would be safe with me as well. So, here’s a big thank you to Mannie–you chose the perfect kitties for your mama. :)